VoIP Phones and Adapters

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What is VoIP?
Phones & Equipment

To use VoIP services, you need either an Internet desk phone or phone adapter, or a program on your computer or smart phone. To learn more about VoIP, click here.

There are many VoIP phones and adapters on the market. We have extensively tested and reviewed several of them. The phones and analog telephone adapters we recommend and fully support are shown below.

For business customers we typically recommend a wired desk phone, as these devices are feature rich and cut out to meet the demands of a busy business world. Residential users typically select an analog telephone adapter (ATA) and connect their existing analog phone, either wired or cordless. ATAs can also be used to connect existing analog business PBX'es and fax machines.

Desk Phones

Cisco SPA525G/G2

Cisco SPA504G

Aastra 9143i

Aastra 6757i

Yealink T22P

Yealink T28P

Polycom SoundPoint 330

Polycom SoundPoint 430

Polycom SoundPoint 501

Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs)

Linksys SPA112

Linksys SPA1001

Linksys SPA2102

Linksys PAP2T