VoIP Phones: Polycom SoundPoint 330

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VoIP Services
Basic Phone Line
Hosted PBX


This phone is POE capable but also comes with a power adapter.


We support automatic provisioning of most Polycom phones. Provisioning instructions:

  1. Connect phone to your network using the Internet port. If your network does not support POE, connect the power adapter.
  2. Perform a factory reset of the phone:
    • Right after powering up the phone while you see "Loading Application" press the "Cancel" key.
    • Hold the 1, 3, 5, and 7 dial pad keys until you are prompted the password.
    • Enter the administrator password: 456 (or full MAC address of phone)
    • Reboot phone
  3. During boot up, press the SETUP soft key (you may need to cancel "Loading Application" as above).
  4. Enter the administrator password (456), and press "OK".
  5. Select "Provisioning Server", using the arrow keys scroll down to "Server Type", then press "Edit." Change this option to HTTP and confirm with "OK".
  6. You should see the "Server Address" option, if not, scroll to it. Press "Edit", and using the numeric keypad enter: config.voip.lugosoft.com, then press OK to confirm.
    This is done by pressing the #2 three times for C, then #6 key three times for O, wait, then #6 twice for N, etc.
  7. Press "OK", then "Exit" and "Exit" again, and finally select "Save & Reboot".
  8. The phone will reboot and configure itself (this may take several minutes).

Short Review

It's a reliable and great-sounding phone, with an excellent speaker phone. Often available second-hand -- a great bargain!