Calling Card

Save on long distance and international call costs by using our calling card service. Simply dial one of our local or toll free access numbers and enter the number you'd like to call. It's that simple.


Service Availability

We currently operate local access number in these cities:

If any of the above numbers are a local call for you, our calling card service may be a good match for your needs! We also have a toll free access number available so that you can use the service while traveling (a 2 cents/min surcharge applies).

Service Rates

We offer this service on a pre-paid basis, or post-paid basis with approved credit. Simply prepay an amount of your choice online using your credit card, or send a check or money order by mail. You will receive a monthly statement listing all your calls, payments and charges, and your account balance.

Monthly service charge:None
Monthly minimum charge:None
Monthly statement charge:None
Per-call charge:None
Per-minute charge:2.9 cents per connected minute (US 48 states)
Click here for international rates

Getting Started

Thanks for your interest in our VoIP phone services. To establish new service, please contact us during regular business hours. If you already have an account with us, you can add additional features and services yourself at any time.

We value the contact with our (potential) clients and thus chose not to offer online signups. Give us a call to discuss your needs and get advice on the most optimal solution.