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SIP Trunks

A Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk is an easy and efficient way to connect your company's private branch exchange (PBX) telephone system to the public switched telephone network via the Internet.

A SIP trunk supports multiple concurrent phone calls on the same phone number, as well as multiple dedicated phone numbers on the same trunk. Such unparalleled flexibility can accommodate even the most complex configurations.

Popular PBX soft switches include Asterisk, 3CX and Freeswitch. Many hardware PBX'es such as Panasonic and Auerswald PBX also support SIP Trunks.

Service Availability

We offer dedicated local numbers in most large US cities and metro areas, as well as nationwide toll free numbers. DID numbers are also available in Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada, but for an additional charge. We can route outbound calls to the US and most international destinations.

Service Requirements

This service provides a "naked dial tone" only. To use this service, you must operate your own PBX, which is connected to the Internet and supports the SIP protocol. About 80 kbps (0.08 Mbps) of Internet bandwidth required per concurrent call (G711/ulaw), or 30 kbps with higher compression (G729, lower quality). Static IP address recommended, but not required.

This service can be used bi-directionally (inbound and outbound), or uni-directionally (inbound or outbound service only). It's your choice.

Service Rates

Monthly service charge:$0.00
Inbound numbers (DIDs):$2.00/month per number ($2.00 setup charge per number)
Incoming usage, local number:1.0 cents per minute
Incoming usage, toll free number:2.5 cents per minute
Outgoing usage, US 48 states:1.5 cents per minute
Click here for international rates

20 concurrent calls are supported per trunk; more channels available upon request.

Getting Started

Thanks for your interest in our VoIP phone services. To establish new service, please contact us during regular business hours. If you already have an account with us, you can add additional features and services yourself at any time.

We value the contact with our (potential) clients and thus chose not to offer online signups. Give us a call to discuss your needs and get advice on the most optimal solution.