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What is VoIP?
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Home & Small Business Phone

This service is a simple phone line with voice mail, CallerID and call forwarding, just like a regular land line. If you need advanced features such as extensions, interactive call menus or custom call routing, check out our Hosted PBX service.


The home & small business voice plan includes these features at no additional cost:

Our web-based control panel provides real-time access to your call activity log and voice mails, and also allows changes to call routing (forwarding, rejection, number of rings).

Service Availability

We offer local numbers in most large US cities and metro areas, as well as nationwide toll free numbers.

Rate Plans

MeteredFlat Rate 1500Flat Rate 3000Flat Rate 5000
Monthly charge:$10.00$20.00$30.00$45.00
Included minutes (US48):200 (incoming)1500 (total)3000 (total)5000 (total)
Additional minutes:2 cents2 cents2 cents2 cents
Included Features:AllAllAllAll
Device limit:2 devices3 devices5 devices5 devices

Plus applicable taxes and E911 recovery fee (click here for details). Included minutes to 48 contiguous United States and Canada. International rates vary by destination.

In-network calls to other VoIP subscribers on our network, calls to retrieve voice mail messages, and calls to toll-free numbers are free of charge (except on metered plan) and do not count against your monthly minute limit.

Service Requirements

To use this service you need a high-speed Internet connection (DSL, cable; no satellite) and a SIP-compatible phone or phone adapter. You may use a phone or adapter or your choice, a free software client for your computer (softphone), or purchase a supported device from us. A list of supported devices can be found here. Analog telephone adapters typically cost $30-40 (1 line version) or $50-60 (2 line version). We recommend the Cisco/Linksys SPA-series adapters such as SPA-1001 (1 line), SPA-2102 (2 line), PAP2T (2 line), and SPA-8000 (8 line). Configuration of supported devices is remotely managed making setup a breeze!

Getting Started

Thanks for your interest in our VoIP phone services. To establish new service, please contact us during regular business hours. If you already have an account with us, you can add additional features and services yourself at any time.

We value the contact with our (potential) clients and thus chose not to offer online signups. Give us a call to discuss your needs and get advice on the most optimal solution.